#3. Food-Smell Alarm

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*Update: looks like this device has already been invented…

Usefulness: This will pretty much be a revolutionary alarm clock.
I remember when I used to live back home, and mom would cook breakfast in the morning. Normally, there is no way you could wake me up – not even with a taser. BUT, once I smelled something awesome coming from the kitchen, my stomach basically carried itself out of bed!

With that as my motivation, an alarm clock that emits an awesome breakfast smell in the morning could possibly wake the most stubborn of sleepers. Imagine the alarm going off, and then you smell this tasty aroma of grits and cheese, scrambled eggs with ham, and biscuits! No way you would stay in bed. You would have to go into the kitchen… only to find NO FOOD (ok, I could see how this could be a problem)! But, there would be many smell flavors to choose from. Bacon, cheese, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, burned toast, burning oil, lavender, cucumber…. I think I got off track from breakfast.

The problem I foresee is that after the first day, you clearly are pissed off that there is no breakfast. So, the best way to sell this product is to provide accessories that actually make your food for you! Now, something like that would probably be pretty expensive. My suggestion is to bu… ahhh…. get yourself a wife! haha


#2 Modified Frisbees: hot disc, rubber disc, towel disc, velcro disc…

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Usefulness: some are semi-useful… but most are just for collectibles.

So the glow in the dark disc, the LED disc, and color-changing discs are out there… but disc engineers have still not fully grasped the various conditions under which discs are operated.

If you have very soft girly fingers, tender like a baby, and don’t want to break nails, yet still play with the tough folks… there should be a plush soft layer of fluff all around the disc. Think Troll-doll fuzz. That way.. not only does it fly so crappy that it never gets too fast to hurt you, you will preserve your fingers catching the soft disc.

Velcro would just be fun. Get some velcro gloves, and matching velcro disc… and bam…. even my grandma can catch a disc!

So you are playing in the dead of winter and there is no way you can handle a disc with your mother’s hand-stitched mittens. Well, have a heated metal band built into the edge of the disc to keep it very warm…. mm, better hot… so that when you catch the disc playing in the dead of winter… you actually don’t want to get rid of it quickly… until it starts burning you… yeah… that’s a hot idea!

So, it’s so humid that your hands are wet, and the disc is slipping. Well, you can put a towel-like material on the underside of the disc… so that anyone can just wipe off their germs, snot, and sweat right onto the towel! Then your hands are no longer sweaty, and when someone catches the disc… the wet towel material underneath just flings straight at them. Cool!

Ummm, scratch and sniff? yeah, just would be cool to have that. no other reason.

OOOOh, just thought of this….. Completely transparent disc… but with liquid crystal surface… (like a calculator screen)…. if you turn it on, disc becomes opaque. Hmmm, i guess just the neat factor there.

Alright… this is one idea that I think is quite useful….
A rubber grip on the outside of the disc. Would be cool to be able to play some games where it’s raining, and not drop it every 1/2 throws. Also, probably a little easier on the hands… less bruises… and maybe it will bounce off people’s face cooler too!

Alright… enough fascination with frisbee.

#1 heart (♥) character for keyboard

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Keyboard (closeup), red key with heart

Usefulness Rating: Unless you are female and age 8-28… pretty useless.

Some folks use the heart character (♥) more than vowels when they write. This is especially true on facebook. Although, mostly by the women-folk. (Actually I have never seen it used by a guy other than for sarcasm purposes or for a post like mine…  i guess guys don’t have hearts… eh, who cares.)

Yes, I know that you can make a heart by typing the “<” and “3” characters together… but you have to press shift, then press an unusual character, and then move your finger all the way up the keyboard to press the “3”.  It is a very awkward key combination at best. I almost injured my fingers just trying to type ❤ just right now. Thus, having a ♥-key will greatly increase the productivity of the population group that so heavily relies on this character.

If computer companies sold pink PC’s with a ♥ key, they would instantly get a unique customer base. This customer is usually a very sociable one… and will instantly tell everyone how great their new keyboard is. Lots of love and hearts will be associated with your company image.

And the best part is… since it will be so much easier to type hearts, people everywhere will get more loving as a result! ♥